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developments there also jerry brown and the chances of him passing his tax plan here the state of california talking about that with san francisco stake. >>> also this morning we do have a violent instances overnight to tell you about. >>> gun fire between police officer and a suspect in oakland. >>> it happened around midnight near 92nd avenue police said the suspect fired first at them and then they shot an officer who then fired back. both taken to hospital it officer is in stable condition right now unexpected to live but no official word on the status of the suspect. all if your guests in san jose last night during the fifth of may celebrations to happen that the intersection of santa clara and fourth street. police said one person down the street and another against the wall part of a heavy police presence throughout downtown in an effort to prevent a repeat of last year's violence and vandalism the main celebration last night basically about people cruising up and down santa clara street in cars that are appearing to the mexican flag just after 8:00 p.m. police moved into the stree
to talk about with when it comes to the budget after this big announcement from the governor brown yesterday. say the budget deficit is worse than expected twice as a matter of fact the previous estimate of $9 billion back in january. >>> we now expect more cuts for the governor released the details of his revised budget proposal tomorrow. and how plans to close the gap. >>> even as the governor was getting his tax hike petitions to state election officials was warning is that taxes would not be enough the governor went public with the bad news. critter tax receipts are coming and lower-than-expected and the federal government and the courts have blocked us from making billions in necessary budget reductions. the result is that we are now facing a $16 billion whole not the 9 billion we thought in january. >>> state revenues are three and a half billion dollars less than anticipated and the state spent $2.1 million more than they expected the been the federal government and for blocking the cuts as they passed budget gridlock forces him to go to the voters. >>> the cat foe of th
a year the governor brown to the secretive significant disruption amplexus to investigate. >>> expecting tens of thousands of people to help the gold gate bridge celebrate her 75th birthday today. anniversary event to plant all day long from bridge tours to spectacular fireworks show. considered an engineering mall mob many thought the span could be built including the photographer that what the bridge with his parents back in 1937 when it opened only three years old. " i've been photographed in the bridge for 50 years and i admit it's my favorite subject the cover of three books that have done and never get tired of it. >>> today the big 76 anniversary bash for the bridge will be along the shore between four. and marina green. it closes to foot traffic at 6 and vehicular traffic and nine on the grand fireworks finale starts and 9:30 p.m.. find a list of festivities and video of the bridge in the early days at cbs san francisco. for thousands of bay area volunteers memorial day weekend also began the the call out gate national cemetery. more than 3000 volunteers placed american flags an
and cbs five. >>> california's legislative analyst says governor brown's plan to close the state's budget deficit is reasonable but the non-partisan analyst's office reports that projections for increased revenue may be overstated. for example the property tax money from the states will get from eliminating local redevelopment agencies may be less then brown predicts the state faces a deficit of nearly $16 billion. they area jobless numbers drop after a small uptick san francisco's unemployment rate were pulled down from 8.1% in march alan you can drop suv 9% and set there county fell from 9.3 the states under a plan rate is 10.9%. a look like all systems go for the launch an unmanned privately owned rocket this morning but a technical problem stopped that lawn to the last possible second ran the piece in with more on the mission no go. the countdown for liftoff went all the way down but the falcon nine never launched. >>> the stock did not occur. a last-second technical problem shut down the rocket engine the board in the first launch of a private space craft to the international space
,000 people worldwide. we turn to former mayor willie brown and cnet editor bryan cooley and we ask what kind of economic model is this >> part of what is happening is a changing of the garden technology. hewlett-packard is a tangible technology company. we know what they do. we understand they are eight the company. i would almost argue that facebook is not a tech company. they are a market maker. advertisers want into their network of connections. it is much more amorphous than what hewlett-packard does, which is more stable and tangible >> effect on the economy, hewlett-packard make something, it has a factory. apple make something. but these other things are ideas and they don't necessarily translate into the long term jobs and buildings of the older economy >> how to structure in that possibility for budget purposes because we need some stability on predictability for revenue purposes in order to score in it and you cannot exactly do that when today it is $30 per share and tomorrow as indicated earlier it might be 17 >> what does this say about where we are headed? the transition from co
. these are the dividend 19 runs since signing with oakland. the a speech the tigers. and brown to the players championship. a tighter switch to a new pair of shoes and a few whole later caught fire. routed off four straight birdies. tiger makes the cut in the six strokes behind leaders. in the nba playoffs of the grizzlies will to get avoid elimination. they pull even with the clippers. the force the game seven on sunday in memphis. only eight teams ever come back to win a series of troweling will come back and see you tonight. >>> is the crumbling bay area structure roadway into now. what finally get the work done on mount diablo. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> 8 deadline is looming for the latest occupation in the east bay. that's coming up a couple hours. the deal for protesters coming up a live report. a violent night for the san francisco police. the president's reelection campaign is ready to cash in on his decision to support same-sex marriage. welcome back to the weekend early edition. it is may 12th. thank you for joining us. it's a beautiful morning around the area but to get rid of some fog. the univer
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6